A NAMELESS Introduction


NAMELESS is one of the newest labels in Malaysia. We are inspired to dress you up, from teens to adults, whether you are male or female who want a difference! Our speciality designs are for those who seek elegence in simplicity. You can choose from an array of our ready-made collection in this website. Whether you are attending a formal event, social party, or even prom nights, we have just the right design for you!

NAMELESS's forte is in it's simplicity in our designs, especially one piece dresses that are nicely complimented with belts, leggings, vests etc. For gentlemen, you can choose shirts and suits in our upcoming designs! Watch out for it!

NAMELESS will be introducing new designs to readers every month that will definately catch your eye. NAMELESS also encourages you to choose your desired colour! What sets NAMELESS apart from other labels is we recognise your individuality in shaping our design to fit you, thus this synergy will definately propel us into a class on its own!

Just pick and choose NAMELESS style. You'll fall in love with your new image in no time!

Monday, October 19, 2009

NAMELESS November 2009 Designs!


Here are 3 of our latest design sketches.

Email us your Name, Contact Number, and NAMELESS Code and we will be in touch with you!



NAMELESS Code: 110901


NAMELESS Code: 110902


NAMELESS Code: 110903

More designs to come! Stay tuned!